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Empty bare hand-the way-method
Sensei Kimura 1941-1995
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First karate lesson free. Special rates for families. Full insurance for all students and clubs.
Sensei Mandie Read 6th dan
Ladies veteran WUKF
World Champion 2018
Chief instructor
Sensei Daniel Read
5th Dan

Assistant instructor
Sensei Helen Kelly
6th Dan

Senior Instructor

SHU-The study of martial arts KO-People with a common cause coming together KAI-Association
"Even after many years, kata practice is never finished, for there is always something new to be learned about executing a movement." ~Shoshin Nagamine
There's an old tale of a boy who watches a samurai practicing sword kata. The boy compliments the samurai, and he in turn offers to teach the boy. The boy, however, instead says "teach me where I can find your teacher !" ~anonymous
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Sensei Sab Lally
4th Dan

Assistant Instructor
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Here at Dudley Shukokai Karate Club we teach our students the true form of Shukokai martial art with emphasis on self discipline, etiquette and respect for all. We also teach them that with this knowledge comes responsibility. 
As one of the leading martial arts clubs in the West Midlands we aim to help and promote the sport of karate to all students.
We regularly hold six lessons per week ranging from 4 years to adult. Our specialist childrens class for six years and under is designed to teach our younger members the art of karate but without it being a contact sport. We also like to spend time with our younger members teaching them to interact with other children and although they are having fun they are still learning the true art of shukokai karate.

Sensei Ross Jones

3rd Dan

Assistant Instructer

All instructors are first aid trained, insured and are C.R.B child protection cleared to level 2 and 3 to work with children.

Karate is also an excellent way of keeping fit and can help with self esteem.

We welcome individual students and clubs from all martial art styles to come and join our association.

We can provide all advice, certification and insurance for new and existing clubs.

We also believe in equal opportunities, therefore children and adults with special needs are more than welcome, please contact me for more information.

If you are interested in the tournament side of karate we can teach or improve what you already know and we hold regular kata and kumite lessons each week, with guest instructors such as Wayne Otto.

Many of our students represent All-Styles Karate Alliance GB on a national and an International level and we regularly enter club teams into kata and kumite competitions throughout Great Britain and Europe

All of our instructors and coaches are fully insured and our club has full public liability insurance.