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Sensei Daniel Read 4th Dan- Assistant instructor
He is always keen to set a good example to his fellow students and always attends karate training sessions every week without fail. Many of his fellow students look up to him and he is always there giving them support when needed.
Although only young himself he has an excellent track record, he has won many national and international titles and is always ready to compete at every event Dudley Shukokai Karate Club attends.
Sensei Daniel Read ( 3rd dan )  has been studying shukokai karate since the age of seven under the guidance of his mother Sensei Mandie Read.
Just watching him teach, train and compete you will soon realise that he is a future world champion in the making, with his lead by example attitude, what more could someone ask for in teaching the martial art of karate.
Assistant Instructor Dudley Shukokai Karate Club
Achieved 1st Dan black belt October 2001
Achieved 2nd Dan black belt December 2005
Achieved 3rd Dan black belt June 2009
F.E.K.O International Team Member
Achieved 4th Dan black belt 2014
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