Biography of Sensei Mandie Read
Sensei Mandie Read 6th Dan
Chief Instructor Dudley Shukokai Karate Club
Achieved 1st Dan black belt 1991
Achieved 2nd Dan black belt 1993
Achieved 3rd Dan black belt 1996
Achieved 4th Dan black belt 2001
Achieved 5th Dan black belt 2008
Achieved 6th Dan black belt 2016
F.E.K.O International Team Member
Obtained F.E.K.O. Judge Qualification June 2008.
Appointed FEKO regional coach for the midlands
Ladies veteran European Champion 01/06/2012
FEKO Kata Coach 2013
World Kata Champion 2013
European Kata Champion 2013
National Coach for FEKO 2014
Sensei Mandie Read - represented the "shukokai karate federation"  Great Britain team from 1994 to 2004 and competed in competition many times, in America in 1996 she became  "World Champion" and again in South Africa in 2004 she became "World Champion", she has also competed in Finland in 1997 and Germany in 2003 where she became
"European Champion" 
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I have trained and was given 1st and 2nd dan black belts by the late "Sensei Kimura".
I had trained with him on numerous occassions and his legacy still inspires me and how I teach the art to my students.
The late "Sensei Kimura" was a great loss to everyone who does Kimura shukokai and its was a shame to loose him in his prime.
After over twenty years learning and teaching karate, my love for karate grows daily, there is so much I still want to learn.

My aim is to teach good quality karate to everyone willing to learn, I also want to pass on my knowledge of competing locally and internationally  to my students, some of who are already competing on the "FEKO"  (Federation Of England Karate Association) squad.
                                                                     Sensei Mandie Read
Sensei Mandie Read first started karate in 1986 and after five years of training she achieved 1st Dan grade in 1991.
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